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Queensland Aviation Academy courses are designed to provide a student focussed training experience in an achievable time frame. 

Our IREX, CPL(A) and ATPL(A) theory courses follow the requirements set out in the CASA Manual of Standards and prepare the students for the relevant CASA examinations.

Pricing for Course Products

IREX SubjectsCodePrice
IREX CourseIREX$1815.00
ATPL SubjectsCodePrice
AFPA – ATPL(A) Flight Planning (Aeroplane)AFPA$1,540.00
ANAV – ATPL NavigationANAV$1,210.00
APLA – ATPL Performance & Loading (Aeroplane)APLA$880.00
AASA – ATPL(A) Aerodynamics & Aircraft Systems (Aeroplane)AASA$1,210.00
AHUF – ATPL Human FactorsAHUF$440.00
AALW – ATPL Air Law examinationAALW$484.00
AMET – ATPL MeteorologyAMET$440.00

10% discount will apply if all ATPL subjects are purchased

CPL SubjectsCodePrice
CNAV – CPL Navigation (common to Aeroplane & Helicopter)CNAV$880.00
CMET – CPL Meteorology (common to Aeroplane & Helicopter)CMET$440.00
CHUF – CPL Human Factors (common to Aeroplane & Helicopter)CHUF$440.00
CLWA – CPL Flight Rules & Air Law (Aeroplane)CLWA$440.00
CADA – CPL Aerodynamics (Aeroplane)CADA$880.00
CSYA – CPL Aircraft General Knowledge (Aeroplane)CSYA$935.00
CFPA – CPL Operation, Performance & Flight Planning (Aeroplane)CFPA$880.00

10% discount will apply if all CPL subjects are purchased

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