About Us

Queensland Aviation Academy (QAA) is an aviation theory centre located at Archerfield, Brisbane.

We’re a team of professional pilots who train our students using our extensive real-world check and training experience. We have backgrounds in general aviation; regional, domestic and international airlines; and military aviation (RAAF).

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our students in depth knowledge of the material required for the CASA examinations in IREX, CPL(A), ATPL(A) and PIRC (Flight Instructor Rating).

QAA courses are designed around the CASA Manual of Standards, and have a realistic time frame that allows our students to gain both a thorough grounding in the subject material and real world application of the information.

We have a yearly schedule of courses at our Archerfield campus. But we understand that sometimes life gets in the way of study and we’re happy to discuss solutions. Our philosophy is to fit in with your training/work/life requirements – not ours! QAA is also open to discussions of off-campus training.


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    28a Grenier Road Terminal

    Building Ground Floor,

    Archerfield QLD 4108, Australia